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Art & Design

Wellborn is a young, raw, Australian artist...

pirouetting on the edge of culture and sexuality. Driven from a desire to connect in a modern society Wellborn’s work tours the erotic darkness he believes is in all of us. Explore his collections and stories through art and design.

Artist Statement

I hope to connect people with their inner dialogue  and provoke discourse on the ideas we hide from.  I strive to convey who we are as a society,  the chains of sexuality and effects of colonialism on my culture. My art is a way to scream without making any noise. I am inspired by street art, abstractism and traditional art of my aboriginal culture. Whether you see tragedy or beauty in my art is all about you.

"My art is a way to scream without making any noise"


Upcoming Events

F*#k Endo fundraiser  16th June – Brisbane

Solo Exhibition  TBC – 2019

Past Events

Bodily Fluids art show  20th March – Brisbane

Hellbound Art show  22nd March – Brisbane

Niflhel Live art show  11th May – Brisbane


Contact Info

Brisbane – Australia

+61 448 287 549